Welcome to my universe

portrait michel artisteHi ! My name is Michel Fouarge, I’m a photographer and artist based in Luxembourg. I worked formerly for some years in the fashion industry as  international male model. I’ve created this website to allow you to discover my works and my life. If you would like to know more about me just contact me and ask.

You can discover here :

My artwork, made from thousands of objects and colors, shows a fantastic world somewhere between magical and psychedelic. Some examples are on the left side, more can be found here. See and feel the difference on one of my expositions.

My photography shows a more real aspect of how I see things. Just discover some of my works. I hope you’ll enjoy. Photographic works can be found here.

Some stuff from my career as an international model. This chaper is more or less behind me, anyway if you are interested you can find some images and information here.